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Conducting a Feasibility Study


The office conducts marketing, technical, financial, environmental and social feasibility studies to verify the feasibility of the project in which you wish to invest.

اعداد دراسات الجدوى

Establishing companies

The incorporation is the first structure to be placed in building an economic entity, whether small or large.

Establishing all legal entities:

  • Individual companies

  • Partnership Companies "solidarity - commandite partnership"

  • Capital companies "joint stock - with limited liability - limited by shares"

Opening the file of the Chamber of Commerce and the commercial register, real estate registration procedures, registration of contracts in the court, trade unions, publicity for contracts, and the Investment and Free Zones Authority.

تأسيس الشركات

Accounting and auditing


The accounts are a translation of the reality of the financial and tax transactions that take place through the facility to express the financial position of the company in terms of assets, liabilities and property rights, as well as the revenues, expenses and profits of the facility.

Creating workflows in order to control the work

Assistance in preparing financial management and technical, administrative and scientific guidance.

Financial and tax consultancy

The office of the chartered accountant is like a success partner for your company by providing consultations that contribute to avoiding problems and achieving success.




In light of the tax diversity in the country, the office is the shield and fortress that directs the company to deal in accordance with the laws and regulations in the country such as .....

Employment tax on income

  • Income taxes "commercial and industrial profits"

  • Value added taxes

  • Employment tax on income

  • Stamp taxes

  • Withholding and collecting taxes and advance payments

Social insurance

The office assists in opening the social insurance file for the company and the employees, so that they can enjoy all their social and health rights.

المحاسبة والمراجعة
الاستشارات المالية والضريبية
التأمينات الاجتماعية

Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building


Being a contracting company, we help you to register with the Egyptian Federation for Construction and Building in order to obtain a category according to the nature of your company, which would open wide investment opportunities with all government and private agencies.

الاتحاد المصرى للتشيد والبناء

Importers and Exporters Register

To achieve economic development and investment efficiently, we help you extract the record of importers and exporters in order to open up new investment horizons.
سجل المستوردين والمصدريين

Security approval


We help you to obtain the security approval in order to deal through the Egyptian Armed Forces and under its umbrella or through tenders.

الموافقة الامنية

Industrial Development Authority

We help you obtain an operating license and an industrial register.


Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation


We help you to obtain a number at the Authority so that the company can deal with registered companies and affiliates of the Authority

الهيئة العامة للتنمية الصناعية
الهيئة العامة المصرية للبترول

Electronic bill

  • The electronic invoice is a unified digital document recognized by the Tax Authority and used to prove the sale of various goods and services; Each document includes a special electronic signature indicating the identity of the signatory to prevent counterfeiting and ensure security and privacy. Egypt is one of the first countries in the Middle East to implement this system.

  • The first phase of the e-invoice system was implemented in Egypt in mid-November 2020 by obligating 134 companies registered in the tax center for major financiers to join the system, after which many phases continued to be applied in order to cancel paper invoices and move entirely towards the world of invoices and digital transactions

  • A unique identification number for each invoice

  • All invoices are issued in a unified format

  • Creating a digital file for the funder

  • Availability of electronic signature

  • The possibility of issuing and amending invoices

  • Availability of unified coding for different goods and services

  • The possibility of canceling any invoice issued, as the seller can cancel the invoice within a period of time not exceeding three days

الفاتوره الالكترونيه
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