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  • Do you need to start an activity or establish a private company? Do you need to manage your company's accounts and control everything related to them? Do you want to grow your business and make profits? There is no doubt that you wish all of that, so you need to communicate immediately with a trusted accounting and auditing firm.

  • The office's services in accounting, auditing and tax consultancy are innumerable. It is considered the right arm of any project owner or businessman. It is the office of a certified public accountant that is not just a partner in managing your business, but is your first guide that will make you achieve the profits you wish for and more in accordance with the provisions of the law and with a zero error rate.

  • Haytham Azzam Office for Accounting, Auditing, Financial and Tax Consulting is honored to provide all services related to accounting, auditing, establishing companies, preparing financial statements and final accounts for companies and taxes, as well as preparing electronic and tax invoices, in light of a vision and message that achieves leadership in initiative and performance, enhances confidence and achieves comprehensive and sustainable development in order to achieve satisfaction and loyalty .

  • We have a team of accounting and auditing experts and certified legal consultants.

  • The office is accredited in the Egyptian and international chartered accountants register

  • Continuous support from the work team.

  • Experience in the field of accounting, auditing and taxes.

  • Follow up on laws and their amendments.

  • Estimating the value of our customers' time and money.

  • Using the latest digital accounting software


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